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Financial support and donations to the PRÓ-SQUALUS Organization can be accomplished through the following procedures:

1) Donate by Credit Card or Pay Pal: ????

2) Donate by Bank Deposit:
a. Make a nominal deposit to the PRÓ-SQUALUS Organization:

Banco do Brasil



b. Optional, include a brief summary with your intent or suggestion for which stock the funds will be used. For example, funds should be used to support DNA surveys of sharks or rays or Ethnobiology or Environmental Education. And send by email to:

Dr. Walter Nisa-Castro-Neto, General Osório St., 500/601, Praia Grande, Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. CEP 95560-000

3) Questions or more informations? Contact Dr. Walter Nisa-Castro-Neto,

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